Thursday, March 22, 2007

I Just Pissed My Pants...

...this is why:

If you can find a funnier video I'll pay you!!! (ummm...not really) LMMFAO

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Welcoming The Spring Season

Today is the official start of Spring and people love it because it's when the weather warms up. Nothing like a little warm weather to get people out and mingling again. I couldn't agree with that sentiment more BUT I hate this season, this week, and especially this day like no other. Today is the first day of spring and that's not what I hate....what I hate is the day the pollen count jumps (which just happens to be today this year). I hate the day my eyes start tearing up so much that about halfway thru it's just a two lane river running down my face. I hate the day that I start blowing my nose like I'm trying to sound an alarm in my office. I hate the days when I can wake up to a semi asthma attack thanks to all the pollen intake the day before. I hate the days where I get to know all too well the congestion, wheezing, shortness of breath, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, when you CAN'T rest at night....and Nyquil ain't getting it, pimpin'.

For all those lucky folks who don't have allergy problems you should be on your knees daily thanking God for that heavenly &^%$#*@ pricks!!! ALLERGIES SUCK!!!!


Sunday, March 18, 2007

"I keep telling myself, maaan I'm living the good life"

After a not so good Saturday today has really been a good day for me. It's one of those days were everything seems to just be going your way and even though nothing big happens you really appreciate all the little things. First of all I woke up this morning and God didn't have to give me that much (shout out to Jesus) but let me recap everything else.

1. I got to church this morning and somehow didn't see anyone I knew before or during service. This is a good thing because it is very easy to get distracted in my church. Good message and no distraction....priceless.

2. After church was over I was surprised to see a new friend of a friend has started going to my church (Mike, that's your boy Jaron). He introduced me to his girl (who will be attending with him I assume) and seemed really excited about the church and that's always a good thing.

3. After getting home and changing clothes I got into the gym and worked out. This is good for two reasons: a) I fell off of the workout thing HARD and this was the second time in 3 days that I worked out and b) I worked out with the homie Jay that I used to work out with 3 times a week before the fall off and who I didn't think I would ever be working out with again due to the distance since my move.

4. Talked to my mother on the phone and got some decent news from her.

5. Since I was on my old side of town I got the chance to stop in on my grandparents (I lived with them before I got the house) and spend some time with them. Both of them are ailing from something or another so I had to check on them sometime this weekend and I had already put it off (for nothing) on Saturday. Only thing that could have made that better is if they had dinner....LOL.

6. Saw that my father was alive.

7. I got this coupon from my grandparents for Macy's that gave me 20% off of a sale they already have on all their dress clothing (yeah your boy likes to get slick from time to time) and on the way home I made a stop by the store and ended up leaving with a new suit. In the words of my cousin "That boy is clean!!!!!" LOL.

8. I still have quite a few friends who have not come to my new place and after I got cleaned up one of those friends finally made his way thru to check out the crib. (just for the record, I like having company)

9. A little later my cousin came thru and kicked it with me as we watched the NCAA Tournament. I don't get to see him as much since the wedding...LOL.

10. Just before he left I got my cousin into an argument in which he found my debate unbelievable....which was what finally led him to leave. Just ask Mike how fun it is to piss that dude off. LMAO

11. I made myself a healthy homecooked meal for dinner tonight. I have been cooking for 16 years so that's nothing new but cooking something healthy is always great thing....especially since it still tasted good. LOL.

12. Got the phone call that my man Jeff FINALLY watched the Black Donnelly's. I am promoting that show because it is LIKE DAT so I am telling any and everyone I talk to about television. If you like gangster movies like Goodfellas and Departed....WATCH THIS SHOW!

13. My NCAA Bracketology is costing me money!!! I can't help but laugh at it so my laughter is a good thing. LMAO.

14. And the biggest thing of all....THE LAKERS WON!!!!!! With our current string of luck it's good to see the boys with a 2 game winning streak.

It's funny, I had high expectations for Saturday and was only dissapointed...I had NO expectations for Sunday and had a really good day.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

"There's rules to this sh*t....I wrote me a manual"

I dedicate this post to people's individual rules to the game....what game you ask. Dating!!! I would include all relationships too but I lack the experience of marriage and based on what I hear from my married homies, that is a totally different game and I should wait awhile before I play it. LOL.

Don't get me wrong I would never claim to know all there is about dating cause I probably know less than most. LOL. But as I have gone thru the years talking to friends and family about dating people I have heard some really interesting and crazy personal rules and theories. Some of these rules are as fickle as not dating someone who is too dark or light or as deep as people's life goals and aspirations being up to standard. Some of these rules are known universally to all like "can't turn a hoe into a house wife" (yeah it's vulgar but it's a rule A LOT of dudes follow when dating)...some rules are created based on a personal experience like putting time frame on how long you must 'talk to' someone before comitting to that person. I have heard a woman say that she can't date someone who owns Timberland boots and a dude who absolutely refuses to call a girl first because he can't give her the upper hand....LMAO. Since I have been deemed the "professional conversationalist" I have been in a lot of conversations about the relationship topic so I could go on forever. What I want is to hear some of the craziest rules/theories that you all have about or have heard about dating. Don't be's all in fun to me. Hey I'll start with one of my own rules I used to live by:

I used to have a 3 call rule...if we have nothing to talk about after the third conversation there is no reason to continue further conversations (sounds worst than it really is. LOL). I have always been good at running my mouth so I figured if we run out of stuff to talk about after just 3 conversations then something must be wrong with them. That sh*t sounds so silly right now....LOL.

Someone please hit me with some of your rules so that I know I am not the only crazy one...LOL.

Friday, March 09, 2007

"Aww man homie...My minds playing tricks on me!"

If you check out my man Mike's blog then you know that me and the boy Bone went and checked out the Roots tour last night at the Lyric Opera house in Baltimore. Overall I say that it was a pretty cool concert but definitely not close to being the best I have seen. Of course with artists like The Roots, Lupe Fiasco, and Little Brother you are gonna get some good music so I don't really think that part will be of any surprise to anyone so I will take this time to point out the things that stood out in my mind from last night....

1. I forgot how much Roots music I actually own. I recently had a conversation with my homie AB about being a fan of an artists and how you will buy something from an artist you are a fan of without that pre-listen. Basically, if they drop it I cop it....well I have all of the Roots albums so I guess I gotta add them to my list.

2. The Roots should really call this the Game Theory/James Brown Tribute Tour. They incorporated either music from the Godfather of Soul or his style and feel into the ENTIRE concert. I mean there were moments where Black Thought was sitting on stage saying things like "Ain't it funky now!!!" or "I/We got soul"...No Bull!!!

3. I think it would be a really good gesture by the Roots to add LB to this tour permanently. It would do a lot for keeping hip hop alive as they touched on in the concert. But with that said I just feel robbed when they go thru a rendition of other artists popular music and don't invite the folks that opened up for them back on the stage to perform maybe 1 song each. I personally think that would set it off. It would have been nothing to hit an LB and Lupe song and have them each run back out and go at it for one more track.

4. Lupe, Lupe, Lupe....where do I start. Okay, he may be the first rapper who I felt like they really need to have a 15 man entourage on stage with him to get his little a$$ to stand still. LOL. Dude was jumping up and down running around so much that you could tell he's never done this before. There is no way he could headline wasting all that energy running into his 1 hype man who was very entertaining with all his throwback dances from the early nineties (that bama was doing the running man!!!). They even lowered the lights once and had Lupe walk off just to run back on stage in an attempt to make the crowd think he was done (even though he hadn't done Kick Push yet nor did he say goodnight/I'm out). Right after that he and his hypeman met at the back of the stage like they were talking and then rushed toward the crowd as a verse started. All this to say...Lupe needs to work on the show. I could put together a much better show for him.

5. Lupe Fiasco needs to burn his wardrobe and start over. His outfit was almost funny enough to make me enjoy the performance...LOL. This bama had on a black leather zip-up hoodie that fit in the fashion of a members only jacket (to be read, it was tight enough to see my niggas ribs when it was fully zipped) and the bama kept putting th hood on. I guess it went well with his shades against the dim light in the opera house. LOL. And he either had on a orangish-red belt or some orangish-red trim at the bottom of the jacket that reminded Mike of a cummerbund...LMAO. The funniest part of his outfit were the baby phat jeans he obviously picked out just before stepping on stage. My man had on a size 18 jeans (just an FYI slim men normally run around 30-34, men who are built like men normally around 36-40, your big and tall man is 40+), jeans that were so small he had no choice but to have them sagging off his ass! As my man Mike loves to say "Them jeans looked like he had to lay on the bed and wiggle to get them on" LMMFAO!!! I mean with all the hopping around he was doing I thought he was gonna split them shits in half. I'm so glad he didn't accomplish that feat.

6. The worst part about the whole concert is that Little Brother only got 4 songs. This left me wanting more and made me realize just how much of a fan of theirs I am. I am feeling these dudes (No Brokeback!!!) like I do Biggie, Jay-Z and Sigel. And that group is really hard to break into with me.

For Mike's take check out his blog about the show.

Monday, March 05, 2007

I mean, a 'MEAN' Idi Amin!

That's what Forrest Whitaker did in the movie I caught last night. Yep, I finally went to go see "The Last King of Scotland." I had been dying to see how Forrest did first hand with all the rave and the awards about this performance.

I must say that the portayal of Idi Amin done by Whitaker was definitely a great job. (I still don't know if I think it was better than Will in Pursuit of Happyness but definitely on point)

As you can see he even did a decent job with that half smile scowl thing that Idi seemed to have down packed. LOL. Overall the movie was really good. The story was more of an inside look at one particular relationship between Idi Amin and the white Scotish doctor he had in his camp and how it affected that doctor. I liked the fact that they didn't go the way of documentary because it gave them the opportunity to just show Idi Amin as a person rather than focus on the monstrous ways he was potrayed by the world media. I didn't know much about him before this movie until the end so some of the things that unfold during the movie surprise me A LOT because Forrest Whitaker almost makes him loveable at times. That's laughable now knowing the type of person he was. The one thing I will warn people about with this movie are the 2 or 3 stomach turning graphic scenes of violence it has. I thought it was GREAT but for most it is really REALLY extreme and I would suggest you watch with caution...LOL.

But if you are a Whitaker fan then go check it out. It's a helluva step up from his worst acting job....
Ghost Dog: The way of the Samurai

LMMFAO!!!! I could have put about 5 other clips from this one up that would have been a lot funnier but this sums up Forrest's performance the best. LMAO! This has to be his worst ever!!!!!