Friday, June 20, 2008

Anniversary Celebration!!!

Here's to three years of patience, growth, strength, self expression, and the ability to ignore preconceived "judge a book by it's cover" type of personalities.

Here's to 3 years and counting with Locs.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

"I just said that to get you mad"

Why is it (at least it has been for me lately) that people will come out of the blue and say things to you that they know will get on your nerves or even piss you off and then act like they have these pure and honest intentions when you react to them? Now for me I normally just laugh when people do stuff like that because I can be somewhat of an ass who am I to get mad at anyone. But lately, there have been a few things that have just made me feel like this inside...

(This Brotha needs to let that anger out before he choke-slams somebody. LOL)

Well it's actually three things in particular...

1. The Hair topic - Why do people suddenly have opinions about what needs to be done with my hair? If people aren't asking how long I will let it grow they are asking if I am gonna cut it. I know this means you want to advise me on what to do with my hair. WTF do you care this your hair homie? Did I steal your shit? If I could give it back I swear I would.
Is this "questioning phase" one of the stages of locs that people didn't mention and have I arrived to this stage prematurely? I mean I have only been growing my locs 3 years as of this month and I have friends who have me beat by years and no one ever asks them stuff like that. Did it get to long too fast and now I give my short haired brothas performance anxiety or something. LOL. I get asked about my hair like 3 times a week now and it is annoying as hell.

2. The Lakers topic - I am a huge Lakers fan. Not hiding or denying it. The thing that bothers me is when everyone I know seems to take out there Lakers frustrations on ME. I talk about the team as if I am a part of the unit but people....I AM NOT ON THE TEAM. LOL. Most of those frustrations come from people who don't like LA because of Kobe whether it is because of the Shaq situation, the cheating on his wife situation, or the MJ comparison that they apply. LOL. I am a Kobe fan but please don't treat me like we aren't friends because of it because we can NOT be friends if that's what you really want. LOL. What kills me the most is these bamas who never talk to me about sports all year long (any sport) and don't realize I am very passionate about my sports teams then find out I am a Lakers fan during game 6 of the NBA finals and send me all kinds of heckling messages at midnight. They don't realize just how much I had to hold back to not call them each a very dear and special name they may have never heard before. LOL.

3. The Relationship Topic - Yes relationships are always a hot topic and I understand people find interest in love lives BUT don't be trying to act cute and put me on the spot with your questions. This really is only about one question. It's the question you get when you are dealing with someone that you have a well known history with..."so, when are you gonna get married?" WTF is going on in your head that you think this is an appropriate question? What if she is ready and I am now you just got me a one way ticket into another argument. What if I am ready and she isn' now I feel like shit cause everyone feels like me BUT the woman I love. What if we both are ready but we are just broke as hell...very likely with the cost of living in DC and the price of gas. SO my new answer to this question is now "I'm getting married when you give me that money for a ring" LOL. For some reason that works. I said it to my grandmother on Sunday and didn't hear anything from her for the rest of Fathers Day...You know shit is bad when your grandmomma calling you out. LMAO.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

"That's Okay With Me, That's Where They Made Me At"

If you know me personally you know that I am a die hard Lakers fan and have been as long as anyone around has known me. The question has always been how does a dude originally from DC that lived in MD and came into adulthood in NC end being a Lakers fan. Nah it didn't start with Kobe or Shaq even though that's what most people think nowadays...

It was actually Magic and Bird that made me a Lakers fan. See, my grandfather was a Kareem fan and since he had two daughters he shared his love for Kareems team (The Lakers) with his only grandson, your's truly. It just so happened that his grandson was born in 1979 the same year that a certain Ervin Johnson was drafted by the LA Lakers and revolutionized the PG position like none ever had and probably ever will.
So during the 80's when my grandfather was watching the end of Kareems career we watched the career of the best PG ever and that's what pulled me in.
Back in the 80's it was Boston, LA or dissapointment. LOL. Only other team to win a ring in the 80's was Philly and they played against was really like that.
So back in the day I was the only kid in the hood that was rocking a Lakers starter in PG county. LOL. And I was the only dude in highschool that absolutely hated MJ because of course he won his first Championship against LA (which I still say would have been a totally different series had James Worthy not went down in game 2). I'm may be the only person that still doesn't believe that Magic ever had HIV (he gotta be the only brotha that gains weight from night sweats...LOL). And because of the MJ era I had to sit thru 5 years (2000-2004) of people saying I was a bandwagon fan because Shaq was winning rings but you expect that from people just ask
MikeSee about P. Diddy and Ciroc. And now I not only get the chance to celebrate the greatest organization in the history of the NBA I get the opportunity to relive my childhood watching them go against our archnemisis... our enemy...our most respected foe at it's best...The Celtics. I CAN'T WAIT!!!! I feel like I'm 8 years old again!!!! Where the hell is that old starter jacket when I need it. LOL.