Friday, June 29, 2007

"The Heat is On...Why?!!!? The Heat is On...You Know!"

(that quote is a lil harder than the ones I normally use. It's DMX from "flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood")

Every so often I get hot at night and I may sweat while I'm sleeping but it's no biggie cause I normally take my showers when I awake in the morning. So Wednesday when I woke up in that state I paid it no attention, hopped up and pulled my sheets off the bed and got ready for work. Little did I know that when I returned home I would have my own personal sauna in my bedroom, with the vaulted sealing that traps all the heat in the ENTRE freaking house.

You ever had the urge to turn the heat up to about 80 degrees in the summer just to see how it neither but for some reason God has seen it fit for me to experience it this year because the coolest part of my house (downstairs) is about that temperature right now. When you go upstairs you instantly feel a dramatic temperature change of about 5 - 10 degrees. LOL. That mess is so hot I just feel trapped in that joint like I'm locked in one of those lil a$$ rooms with the steaming rocks and can't unlock the door.

I guess this is to help along my urge to get out of the house and be more active (running and playing basketball) cause if I'm gonna just sit around and sweat I might as well sweat for a good reason. LOL. Truth be told I might be able to lose more weight sitting in my bedroom though... them Palates ya'll do ain't got sh*t on that joint! LMAO. I just walk into my room for longer than 5 minutes and I'm sweating like a muslim at a KKK ralley.

Right now I have two 18 inch fans pointed over my bed creating a small worldwind that allows me to breath thru the night as I sleep. LOL. This couldn't have happened at a worst time cause I am supposed to be having family in from out of town for the next two weekends. Talking about a blower!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Social Anxiety: Prayer Warrior

Social anxiety is an experience of fear, apprehension or worry regarding social situations and being evaluated by others. Last night during my fight to get to sleep I came up with the idea to speak on the different things that may give me or others a feeling of social anxiety...

The Prayer Warrior:

I'm not refering to the Prayer Warrior who will go out of his way to make sure the church is praying for you in your time of need, no that is a caring member of your church that is only wanting to help. The one that causes the social anxiety is that prick that thinks saying grace/blessings over dinner is a competitive sport. You know the guy that doesn't realize that we really don't give a damn h0w well he blesses the food because the fact of the matter is we came to eat and not listen to him (LOL). The same prick that makes a point to outdue you if you ever get selected to say grace. For real, the next time you get the chance to say grace take a peak while you are saying it...that guy across from you with the tightly squinted eyes and sweaty palms that can't stand still, that's him! If you can't point him out that way wait until everyone let's go of each others hands he's the last one to leave the "huddle" with the dissapointed bitter look on his face and the fire in his eyes. Oh yeah he is definitely gonna top that next time...LMAO.

We all have them in the family & friends. It's the guy that never asks to say grace but gets that big smirk when he is selected. He's the one saying grace like it's a performance (LOL). His grace normally consists of a paragraph where every sentence starts with "Dear Father God" OR it's one long sentence where he blesses the food, cleanses the soul, purifies the heart, clears the mind, erases all worries, acknowledges the elderly family members, acknowledges the youth of the family, mourn the lost family members, thank God for the family church, says three hail mary's, spits a "bible verse", quotes the book of Psalms, disproves the DaVinci code......Pray on your own time pimpin' a brotha is trying to eat!!!! DAMN. LMAO.

This past weekend I went out with my cousin who is in the makings of becoming a great "prayer warrior" (for blessing food). We got some appetizers and everyone else was talking so I put a few on my saucer and began to silently say grace so I could eat. Do you know this prick stopped me in mid prayer and called me out for not saying grace in out loud for everyone (J-Rock you piece of shit...LMMFAO). Then waited a moment for everyone else to catch on and then said grace himself. I swear I think that f*cka only did it cause he wanted to hear himself speak. LOL.

If this sounds like you it's cool I have nothing personally against people who like to practice saying grace alone at home (hmmm) but all I'm saying is there is already enough social anxiety that comes with eating in front of folks hoping you don't have bad table manners and praying they don't notice you inhaling the contents of your plate (oh I get's down at the dinner table...LOL). We really don't need the added pressure that comes with living up to this EXTRA way of saying grace.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Long Overdue

UGK and Outkast have finally teamed up and have what I think is the best video and song out right now...

International Players Anthem

It's so good to have Andre 3000 back to rapping again. LOL

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Summer Blockbuster Review: The Part 3 Problem

This year is a big year for summer movies and I love going to the movies so there are quite a few that I am anticipating. So far this summer all the blockbusters have been the third part of there respective series' but in my opinion the third part of a series is normally a let down thanks to built up anticipation you have from all the invested time. Starting off the summer blockbuster season we have had three of these movies...

(Preface: I'm trying my best not to spoil these movies too much but read at your own risk)

Up until this point the Pirates series has been hit or miss with most people. Either you really like the movies or you don't like them at all. The first two have been movies that combine action and adventure with witty sarcasm to convey an ambiguous storyline that really didn't have a good direction. For part one it was actually a pretty good concept...the free flow of the movie had you wondering what would be next and the sarcasm held up well. For part two it was a little drawn out in length but the sarcasm continued and the action held the interest of viewers along with a boat load of new digital imagery (for Davie Jones and his crew). For part three they had the sarcasm, they had the action, and they even had the digital imagery (LOL) but someone got the bright idea that they needed to step up the story telling in this series. MISTAKE. I have never sat thru an action movie that had that much talking....DAMN! I mean there were parts were bamas just sat in rooms and talked out what needed to happen in the story. Someone should have really told the director "actions speak louder than words" because this one got boring. I was the only one in my group of friends that didn't actually go to sleep at some point in the movie and the sad part is....they didn't miss anything. LMAO.

The Shrek Series has been a real breath of fresh air in regards to the originality and humor of childrens movies. The first two installments of this series has been pleasing for children while incorporating some humor that will ensure that the parents won't be bored while watching. This combination was at it's best in Shrek 2 which pushed the adult humor envelope to the limit. I thought part one was good and part two was great and couldn't wait to see how they progressed the story. Unfortunately part 2 was so good that it was almost impossible for them to live up to the standard they set for themselves. Don't get me wrong, it's not terrible but it's no where near what Shrek 2 was and some are saying it's the worst of the series. I think it was 'about' as good as part 1 personally but I have received some crazy looks when I have said that to people. Of the first three blockbusters of the summer this is probably the best....but that ain't saying much so far. LOL.

And last and most definitely least Spiderman 3. Most of you who have been keeping up with my blogs should know that comics hold a soft spot in my heart (LOL) so it's easy to figure so do the movies that come from comics. I love to see them on screen in live action even if it's not following the true story as it was written. With Spiderman 3 that couldn't be further from the truth. This movie was BAD! I mean terrible bad. Like I am still contemplating writing my longest blog ever in which I write my own script for this movie (with all the same characters of course). It's sad because I have openly said many times that Spiderman 2 is arguably the best comic movie made (It's a close second to Batman Begins). Part three of the series was BAD...I mean terrible bad. Hey it's just my opinion but I dislike this movie so much that when asked wasn't there something I liked I started to pick apart all the things I thought I liked. LOL. This movie was BAD!!!! And no not just cause I know the story, there were just movie mistakes. They did crap like change the story they built the movie on in part 1....mufucka why!!!! I'm see how much I dislike this movie. LOL.

Hopefully as the summer goes along the movies will get better because the start so far isn't looking very promising. I'll do it again as the blockbusters keep rolling, next time Transformers, Fantastic Four 2 and more.