Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Second Coming...

Due to my love for my favorite sports teams and my competitive nature I am one of the few people who actually still watch and enjoy NBA games. Everyone knows that I am a LA Lakers fan followed closely by my hometown Wizards but in this league the sport is driven more by players rather than teams. The thing with me is that I am sorta backwards with this aspect...don't get me wrong, I like certain players but my reasoning is so random when I pick the players I like. For example....I hated Michael Jordan (yeah I said it) but I love Kobe Bryant. I was the only dude in highschool who didn't like MJ and they all thought I was retarded when I started showing love for Kobe. LOL. Another example...I loved Dominique Wilkins and thought he was underrated but I think Vince Carter is one of the most overrated players ever and don't like him much other than the highlights.

Lately I have been seeing, yet again, this same type of trend forming with another two similar players standing at the 7'0"+ range with definite size advantages making them dominant forces in the paint coupled with funny personalities that even come off as goofy at times. This with the fact that both of them started their careers for the same team makes it hard to not compare Shaquille O'neal and Dwight Howard. So hold up, which one do I like? Well I loved Shaq when he was with LA but hey I would have probably liked MJ in purple and gold (a la Kobe Bryant) but before Shaq played for the Lakers and since he has left I have hated him with a passion. And right now Dwight Howard is easily my second favorite player in the league (KG, Carmelo, Shawn Marion, and Arenas all fall right behind Dwight and Kobe). I'm basically writing this blog to show you why.....

When Shaq's lazy a$$ was with LA I always said he would be ridiculous if he actually got into that David Robinson type of physical condition....this boy Dwight is gonna make a prophet out of me....LOL.


Monday, February 26, 2007


This joint almost brings a tear to my eye! And some of you think I'm crazy...I'm below average (as far as getting hype) for A&T. LOL.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Winter Wonderland...

Last week we finally got a real amount of snow in this area. I am a fan of winter weather (as long as people know how to drive that is) so it was cool to look out of the office window on Tuesday and see the snow coming down. Little did I know that the next day I would awake to find the temperature in my apartment quickly dropping because my electricity was out. GREAT!!! Not only that but I naturally woke up early enough to make it to work on time, so I didn't even get to sleep in....DAMNIT!!! LOL.

I head out to work thinking that by the time I get home everything would be cool but no such luck. I was without electricity and the comfort of home for 3 days. I guess there really is something to that saying "watch what you ask for" because I would have been the first to say I wanted it to snow...Ha! Ask me that sh*t now. LOL!!!

Funny thing is some good actually did come out of it. I have been having a tough time adjusting to living alone again since I moved into my new home . After staying with my grandparents again and sleeping on my cousins floor, all those issues are now an afterthought.

Feeling homeless sort has a way of making you appreciate what you have. LMAO!!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Music on my mind (part 2)

Before I get to the stuff from college let me first hit you with another track from highschool that I just had to throw in the mix...

Onyx: Last Days - (Sophmore Year - 94/95):

I had to put this on here because I personally think that this is one of the greatest beats in the history of hip hop. I'm not even a beats man but this is still one of my favorite of all time...and it's been out for 12+ years.

Okay now where was I...

College - Undergrad
Lox Featuring Lil Kim & DMX - Money Power Respect (Freshman Year – 97/98):
My Freshman year was the year of X. DMX dropped two albums classic albums within an 11 month span and had a gang of guest appearances. This one was one of the best. I was a HUGE fan back then.
Redman & Method Man – Da Rockwilder ( Sophomore Year – 98/99):
For years these two rhymed with each other through guest appearances and always had a chemistry that just made dope songs. True rap fans always hope it's actually possible to hear some of our favorite rappers actually do albums together (Biggie and JayZ or Tupac and Scarface or JayZ, DMX, and Ja Rule or Nas and AZ or Foxy Brown and Lil Kim or Beanie Sigel and Bleek or Beanie, Scarface, and JayZ or even now with JayZ and Nas...you get the point). Method man and Redman were the only ones I can think of that actually made those hopes come true.
Beanie Sigel - Remember Them Days (Junior Year – 99/00):
The world was introduced to Beanie Sigel's debut in 2000 and I was introduced to an addiction. He became the first rapper since BIG to clear out my CD player for months. I still remember saying to my man Jake "Dogg, this has to be the best rap debut since DMX my freshman year!" I have been his biggest fan since.
Shyne Featuring Barrington Levy – Bad Boys (Senior Year – 00/01):
When this dude first came out everyone was talking about how he sounded like Biggie but once he stopped playing on that (on his guest appearances mostly) he really made a name for himself with this one. I knew this was a dope track when I was in the barbershop one day and EVERYONE, barbers and all, were bobbing their heads. Man I prayed for months to get a remix with Sigel on this one....LOL.
College - Grad School
Scarface - My Block (2nd Year - 02/03)
This was arguably the best album that came out when I was in Gradschool and definitely the best from Scarface. Get it if you don't got it!