Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I Want Her Too Playa!!!

I'm really feeling the newest video off of Finding Forever by Common right now...

I Want You ft. Will.I.Am:

Ahh yes, Alicia Keys looking as fine as can be as well as the beautiful Kerry Washington. I'm thinking that Common must be a mind reader cause I swear I dreamed this one up a couple of months ago...LOL. Dating Alicia Keys and having Kerry Washington as a stalker....That is one helluva problem he has there!!!! I know the fellas feel me on that one.

But on the real I like the whole vibe of the video playing like a movie and the chill setting they have at the beginning at the party. Did ya'll peep that Kerry Washington directed that joint...good job!!! Talent and looks are a wonderful combo. LOL.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Got Back? (No John Ameachi!!!)

Nah that isn't the 'back' I'm talking about but I have seen those playboy pics too (shoutout to the boy MikeSee!!! LOL).

What I'm refering to is Get Back by Little Brother:
Yeah the new LB album has finally arrived and if you paid any attention to this blog during it's inception then you realize that I am a huge LB fan. Although I heard their first album back in 2003 I didn't really discover them until 05 and have been rocking their music since. So you know that I have been anticipating the release of their newest installment to my music collection and if you have any love for good hip hop music then you should be looking out for these "Carolina boys" too.
Anyone who has ever talked hip hop with me knows that I put a high standard on lyrics (with lyrical content > than lyrical wordplay) so it's hard for me to stay loyal to any one artist these days but I have to admit that '07 has actually been a great year for me and rap music. Joell Ortiz, Pharoahe Monch, Common, T.I., Styles P, Talib Kweli, and Kanye all dropped dope music this year (well TIP's joint was just cool and Mr. West's joint was the biggest dissapointment of the year to me...sorry guys, still got love fo' ya tho) and all that music was the a build up to the peak albums of the year. And YES Get Back is definitely the best compilation of lyrics and beats to hit shelves this year...too bad they only had like 12 copies in that big ass Best Buy I went to last week. LOL. I know I seem bias with this post since I already said I was a huge fan BUT 1) I did say I was hard on rap so their quality is why I am such a huge fan AND 2) I did say peak albumS cause please believe that if what I may have possibly heard on that new Jay album that is coming soon is what is hitting stores there is no doubt that this current peak by LB is gonna be at least two albums deep, and I expect big things from Lupe Fiasco also. Man when I say this year is good in rap just look at who is still set to drop this year...Jay, Lupe, Beanie Sigel, Freeway, and Scarface. Man I am siced about the music in 07!!!
For all those who were writing off Phonte and Big Pooh after the split with 9th Wonder you can take my word that they keep it moving in wonderful fashion. But if you are more proned to trust well known media sources go check out XXL...they gave 9th Wonders "Dream Merchants 2" a L (large) rating and Getback an XL (extra large) with a XXL being the highest possible. You do the math. For me I had all the proof I needed that Pooh and Tigga can hold it down alone on their mixtape that dropped back in February "And Justus For All."
Here's to good rap music in 07 and to the best album so far, by Little Brother.
Tell 'em Tey...that's real talk!!!
(I think this pic is hilarious LOL.)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Random Thoughts

Hiatus Over:
Yeah I have been on chill all summer (at least from the blogging world) due to me having so many things going on and having things that I just wasn't ready to or didn't want to share. On top of all the personal life stuff the job was on full speed over the summer too but hopefully from this point on I will be back and better than ever. Let's play catch up....

Summer Movie Blockbusters:
The few times I did right this summer were about the summer blockbuster movies that I was checking out but I didn't finish the series. The only two movies of the summer that I felt needed to really be addressed (that I haven't already touched on) are "The Bourne Ultimatum" and "Talk to Me".
  1. The Bourne Ultimatum: Personally I thought that part 2 of this series, Bourne Supremacy, was a let down so I was glad to see that they redeemed themselves in the Bourne Ultimatum. It was action packed, had a dope story, and never got boring for me. I think it was good enough to be a stand alone movie by itself.
  2. Talk to Me: Best movie of the summer hands down. If you missed it go make sure you got that joint on your blockbuster and netflix mail lists. We already know how tight Don Cheadle is as an actor but my man Chiwetel Ejiofor is slowly becoming my favorite actor (sorry Terrence Howard...LOL). You may not recognize the name but you have seen him at least once before...trust me the boy is popping up everywhere (Four Brothers, Inside Man, Children of Men, and my personal favorite Serenity).

"Da Crackhouse":

This summer I have noticed some stuff from my coworkers that I'm pretty sure anyone can see in there own office. McDonalds breakfast and coffee is present in the office everyday. At first I didn't think much of it until I noticed how some people HAD to have that icecoffee or that McMuffin and I began to realize....McDonalds must be putting sh*t in their food. Seriously! They have had rumors about seaweed burgers, they have the worst calorie and fat amounts of any fast food company, they sale hamburgers that are so thin that it used to be a common thing for them to have holes in them, and they have a country fiending over them thin ass greasy fries that taste like nothing but salt. Think about it...is anything they make good? I know you addicts are gonna have something to say about that one...LOL. But think about this, Burger King has flame broiled burgers that taste like it came off the grill and Wendy's has real ground beef shipped in every morning and made into patties and the business that both of those places get combined can't mess with the business in the mcDonald's bathrooms. You gonna tell me McDonald's ain't putting shit in their food...yeah right. I got a test for you...go get a McGriddle one morning and tell me how many you eat within the next 30 days. I hit about 22 when I first started. LOL. If you know anything about living in a drug infested area you know how a crackhouse works...they come into the neighborhood, flood the streets with their product and get people addicted. And when that crackhouse gets to busy they open another one near by...now if that ain't McDonalds I don't know what is. LOL. (I'm laughing but I'm serious)

We need a New York...Umm...Eer...a BOSTON State of Mind:

Anyone who watches sports at all knows what I am talking about because all of the teams in Boston are killing right now. I was watching an entertainment sports show this summer before the NBA draft that interviews stars about their sports opinions and they were interviewing Donnie Walberg...actor, ex-member of New Kids on the Block, brother of Mark Walberg, and Boston native. When he was talking about all the teams in Boston his "Boston State of Mind" was very evident with him having faith that his home teams can take every championship this year. At first I thought to myself "this muthaf*cka crazy" (LOL) but it's pretty obvious that the Boston area has their sh*t together and have their fans believing wholeheartedly. That's what we need around her BADLY. The Boston Redsox are up 2-0 in the World Series, the Boston Celtics have a legitimate chance to of making it to the NBA Finals, the Boston football team is The New England Patriots, and the Boston Hockey team even won a couple of fights last night. LOL. But for real the DC teams need to have a year like that...we need that around here bad.