Wednesday, September 10, 2008

An "AT?" problem

Recently I have been informed by my loving girlfriend that I have an AT problem. What is an AT problem you ask...well that when you say "at" to finish questions that are perfectly fine without it.

Yeah all this time I have thought of myself as a well spoken member of society (when I want to be) and come to find out I sound like the drunk dude that won't stop talking to you at the bachelor party...

"What's up bro...Where da party...AT?"

"They didn't tell me where the room was...AT"

"Where dey keepin da alcohol...AT?"

"Where dey get all dis liqour...AT?"

"Man this is lame, where da skrippers...AT?"

"THE STRIPPERS ARE IN THE BUILDING, where is the bachelor...AT?"
(I love how the drunk bama starts to speak clear when the strippers come in...LMAO)

So I may not be as bad as these statements, other than the last one (LOL), but you get the picture. It just sounds so dumb and I am mad at myself for picking up such a bad habit. All those pops in the mouth my grandmother gave me just gone to waste.

So now I am back to making myself repeat everything correctly (like grandma would do after she popped me in the mouth) to try eliminate this bad habit. Hopefully it will be enough to break myself from the habit.

Too bad grandma isn't still around to catch me slipping like back in the day. I can hear her reprimanding me now..."Where you get this broken english AT?" LOL.