Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Where My Dogs At?"

So, as a child I had this one big fear. Other kids were afraid of the dark or the boogie man or of getting beat up by the bully at school...nah that stuff was nothing for me. I was afraid of dogs. And I don't just mean big dogs I just steared clear of all dogs...lil furry ankle biting cocker-spaniels and steel chain breaking Rottweillers alike.

I acquired the fear honest enough...a dog got a hold of my left hand when I was around 5 years old and I still have the scar to show for it now. Luckily for me as I got older and had friends and siblings who owned dogs I grew out of my fear. It turned into more of a dislike. LOL. Well recently (election night to be exact) I was reminded exactly why I used to be so afraid of dogs.

So I pick my girl up from class that Tuesday like I always do and I am on my way to her apartment. It's election night and I know I will be up late so naturally I came equipped with stuff like my laptop and clothes for the next day. On top of that she has a bag full of books and a dress on a hanger she just purchased and being the gentlemanly boyfriend I am I carry everything. So she is walking ahead of me to open her door for me. As I am walking up the walkway to the first flight of stairs I hear a noise from above. the noise was two things. 1-the sound of the pitbulls steps coming down the stairs FAST 2-the owner yelling at the pitbull to stop and come back. I look up and see this full size dog coming from the 3rd floor and think to myself in slow motion WTF. Instantly I am 10 years old again. My heart is beating like I am running from the cops and I haven't taken one step. I come to my senses after a second and yell for my girlfriend who is about to walk up to the second floor right towards this oncoming pitbull. She stops and looks at me and I guess she saw the fear in my eyes because she did an "about face" but decided to go down the steps to the first floor instead of out of the building. Instantly I think she will be trapped and take a step towards her thinking "she is gonna get killed...I gotta take this bite for her. F#CK!!!" But ass soon as I started to move the pitbull turns down the stairwell coming right towards me and I can't move.

Now I am feeling like this dog is coming straight for me so I turn, carrying all the stuff I mentioned above, and try to run. All I can think is "get to the car" but I am moving at about half speed of what is normally not the fastest pace in the world. When I get to the front of my car I can't hear the dog behind me anymore so I think the worst (my girl is in trouble...I know I am really sad right now.). I turn to look for the dog and realize the dog is in the grass behind me taking a piss...whew. I was tripping...he wasn't chasing me.
Nope I was wrong. In a second he was done pissing and his head turned directly towards me and he ran at me full speed ahead. Somehow the dogs owner is still running down the damn steps!!! I take off around my car but this dog is so fast I hear it slide into the street behind me as I turn at my trunk. I am at my damn car and can't even get in! I run back to the front of the car but it's so dark I can't see what side of the car the dog is coming from. It was the same side I ran up...the passenger side...and he is ON MY ASS!!! I start back around the car but by the time I get to the drivers door I feel how close the dog is so I stop with my back to the car. The damn dog comes in front of my and cuts off the direction I was running. WTF!!! Now I am sweating a chubby 12 year old running from a pitbull. LOL!
The dog started to bark repeatedly and inch closer. By now I have dropped the dress and am holding the laptop in front of me (blocking my crouch from any assassination*t I don't have kids yet. LMAO). FINALLY, the owner runs up and the dog breaks in fear. He finally grabbed it and starts whipping his ass and yelling repeatedly "what the hell is wrong with you?" I'm thinking to myself muthaf*cka he is a pitbull!!! I was pissed and thankful all at once. I think I prayed 7 times on my one and a quarter trips around my car. Now I hury my ass over to the apartment steps to see where my girlfriend is.
Her black ass is in the hallway laughing at me. Apparently the dog looked at her and kept it moving when it saw me running. I guess I did the right thing to save her (yeah I'm taking credit for that, damned you if you don't agree. LOL). On top of that her sister was looking out of the window laughing when she heard all the commotion. And I was feeling bad about not running into danger for my girl...what the f*ck ever!!! LMAO.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Change came thru and kicked the door open!!!

I honestly never thought I would live to see the day that this would happen...

The more I think about the mentality I and many black people had, the happier I am that a big part of that defeated spirit has been lifted. I am not one to think Barack is gonna be a President for black people...he is a President for America. But damn it feels good to finally know that equality can truly be realized.

Man I wish my grandmother and grandfather were still alive to see this.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My 29th Birthday Gift!!!

Most people don't think of the 29th Birthday as anything special since it's not one of those milestone years like 18, 21, 25, or 30 but I am big on appreciating Birthdays no matter the age. So for my 29th, just like all the others, I wanted it to be special for me...naturally. Well this year I put my Birthday festivities in the hands of my girlfriend and let her do for me what she saw fit. Luckily I had already went all out for my girls Bday a month earlier (LOL) so she did all she could to make sure I had a great day (the entire day) but that isn't the gift I am talking about.

For most of my childhood there was something that I always asked for. It wasn't something material that my mom could buy me. It wasn't about money at all. It wasn't a specific action that anyone could do for me because there is no replacement for it...although some will stand up and make great efforts to try and replace it. On my 29th Birthday I got a phone call during the day while I was enjoying what my girl had planned out. The phone call was taking a long time and holding up the festivities but I really didn't want to get off the phone. I was happy carrying on my conversation. But for the sake of the plans I got off the phone. But when I got off the phone I realized then that I finally got what I always wanted as a child...

My father.

May not seem like much to many but for a lot of my friends who are like me and didn't have them around growing up and a lot of my friends who will never have a good relationship with a lot to have. Nothing I could have recieved means more than realizing for the first time in my life I really am friends with my father.

Forgiveness is should all try it out sometime.

Make Your Voice Heard

No matter who you support or how much you think your vote will or wont affect things...


No one is gonna care what you think if you don't care enough to stand up for it. And your vote really won't matter if people don't think they can get you to place one. Hell, do it just to be a part of history. LOL.

Hail to the Redskins!!!
Fuck the Steelers!!
And God Bless America!

Monday, November 03, 2008

The 361

I started purchasing CDs when I got my first CD player in my room back in highschool in 97. I was still transitioning from the tape deck in my car but I had already built a love for my music so I cherished all my CDs and took care of them over the years. To this day I have talked about my collection and how I actually purchased my CDs and yesterday I organized them (after being in my house for 2 years...LOL) and got to count just how many I have bought. Yep, 361 exactly...204 Hip Hop/Rap and 157 of everything else. Looking at all those CDs I noticed 10 things about my collection...

  • I own every Nas CD but his last 2. This is crazy to me because I will be the first person to tell you that I am not a huge Nas fan. LOL. I have even been known to say that dude hasn't made a complete album since the first one...guess I found that one out the hard way.
  • I own every Luda CD but his 2nd one. When I realized that I just had that WTF look on my face for a good 5 minutes. I like Luda but not like that. Just thinking about it makes me say...WTF.
  • I have 9 Stevie Wonder CDs. And that's only because I could find the others back when I was actively searching. Still pissed I can't complete that collection.
  • I have 1 Tupac CD and still regret making that purchase. Yeah I know that one won't be popular but it's the truth. Me Against the World just wasn't all that to me. Could have saved myself 12 dollars.
  • I own everything Jay-Z has put out. And I don't just mean his 10 albums (which I will come back to) but the "best of both world" CDs, the movie soundtracks, the joint with DJ Clue for the concert tour. All that shyt. And I still don't consider him my favorite. GOAT yes but favorite...ehhh top 3 or 4. LOL.
  • I own everything Little Brother and ColdPlay have put out. Anyone who knows me pretty much expected that though. LOL.
  • I have everything Lupe has put out. Not much as of right now but I pretty much guarantee that will grow.
  • I have everything Kanye has put out. Not much as of right now but I pretty much guarantee that I will end there. LOL. Yeah I am one of the 16 people out there that was dissapointed with his last album.
  • I have everything Game has put out. I honestly hope he isn't really retired.
  • I have every Common and Talib album but WTF happened to Mos Def. I dont even care to get his albums now. Sad...he was supposedly the best of these dudes. Sad...smh.

I know there are other people out there who still buy CDs...At least I assume so, even with the easy access of the internet. My days of hitting Best Buy every Tuesday are definitely behind me but I still enjoy hitting the store and ripping open the wrapping just like I did 10 years ago. I guess that's part of what makes me a true music fan.

I am interested in knowing if I am the only person still holding on to this insane amount of CDs though...Anybody else got a big CD collection?