Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Catchy Trap Phrase

I gotta give credit to Mikesee for giving me the initial inspiration for this one and for the lil homie on the basketball court yesterday that was running his mouth and brought this emotion out of me. LOL.

I am talking about black america and (mostly) the hip hop generations need to come up with an ignorant catch phrase every couple of years. Whether it's by song, comedy, or movie we always seem to grab hold of one of these phrases and ride it out until everyone either gets tired of it or realizes just how stupid it is. (most cases we just get tired of it) I call them catchy trap phrases cause in most cases these phrases just give people a reason to feel better about being ignorant and I am just gonna go thru some I remember vividly. Don't get it twisted I myself have fallen victim to quite a few of these myself so I am laughing at me too. LOL

It's All Good - Oh we all remeber this one. Most commonly used in my young days as a Teen I loved to answer any problem with "it's all good dawg". I still have many friends that say that exact phrase on a regular basis. I guess since this was out when we came up it was hard to let go of. I got disgusted by the phrase when I realized that a lot of it's popularity may have stemmed from an MC Hammer song...LMAO!!!!!

Keep It Real - And my how that one went wrong. (shout out to the chappelle show, LOL) Probably the most popular trap phrase of my life, this first hit when I was 17 - 18 and is probably the most used by my friends and I of all the ones on this list. This phrase went from a harmelss quote about not lying and being yourself to peoples excuse for any and every ignorant activity. The first meaning of this normally lead to people not being afraid to be themselves around you...the later interpretation lead to a lot of fights because "I'm keeping it real too" is the normal reponse and things went down hill from there. LOL. The phrase was everywhere so I don't know where it started but Chris Rock has a hilarious award winning stadup where he touches on the topic well.

I'm A Grown Ass Man - I never understood why but back when I was around 21 this one got reallly popular. Don't get me wrong, when Cedric the Entertainer came up with it in Kings of Comedy I thought it was hilarious but I didn't think a nation of black people would pick it up so easily. My momma said it to me once!!! LMAO! (she called me a grown ass man for the record) There were lil girls at bustops going to school calling 14 year old boys grown ass men, professors at A&T telling lazy students "you a grown ass man", Pastor's in mens groups screaming on the young adults...basically anyone who wanted to scream on a lazy male but wanted it to come across funny, any kid who wanted to see just how far there parents would let go with the cursing in the phrase, or anyone who needed an excuse to tell someone they ain't doing something was using this phrase. LOL. It was a pretty funny phrase but I just didn't get the mass appeal.

4 Da Streetz - Yeah I intentionally put an ignorant twist on how I spelled this one. LOL. I still don't know WTF this one really means. A phrase coined by rap/hip-hop culture it can basically mean any damn thing. Seriously! Do some dumb shit...If people look at you funny just say it's 4 da streetz and all is forgiven. Do some good shit...people think you are a sell out just say it's 4 da streetz and all is forgiven. Honestly, who is to determine what is and isn't 4 da streetz? Bamas sell drugs to make money and he'll say it's 4 da streetz and another bama calls the cops about a crack house to clean up the neighborhood and he'll say it's 4 da streetz. This was one I never got into but the music around me whether it's 50 Cent or Talib Kweli definitely made it apart of my life in my early 20's.

That's What's Up - The thing about this phrase is I honestly believe no one has a true definition of what it means. I use this shit like it's going out of style and other than the fact that it's a response I have no idea what I'm saying. LMAO. You can respond to almost anything and say "that's what's up" as long as it's not negative. I think I could even flip it and use it for something negative....
Man1 (statement): Dawg, I was jye late for work this morning cause I woke up late and missed the first bus to the subway but the joint ended up derailing or some shit and a rack of bamas got hurt.
Man2 (response): That's what's up!
...I swear you can say that joint for almost ANYTHING. I could call my Grandmother right now and ask her "what's for dinner?" When she tells me I will say that's what't up and she won't even flinch. It's so damn ambiguous that people just except it. LOL. Hey, at least it hasn't been flipped to mean something negative yet. (it is bound to happen)

Stop Snitching - This is the most recent and quickly becoming the worst of all catcy trap phrases. Stop Snitching used to be a term that had to do with honor amongst theives. I had no problem with that way of looking at it because it had no affect on the general population. When you choose to live a certain lifestyle you play by the rules of the life you lead. Simple as that. You cheat on your woman you don't rat on others who cheat on their women. You rob banks you don't tell when someone else is gonna hit a bank that you want to rob...those are just the breaks. Now that the term has gained commercial popularity, thru them bamas that put Carmelo in that video in B-more, it has expanded into one of the most ignorant unwritten laws and culture has adopted. I choose to live right and do good but I have to live by your rules. Okay, mind your business but if you see a serial killer living next door and you know he did it by all means SNITCH ON THAT MUTHAFUCKA!!!! Especially if he is killing out of shape black men in their late 20's. Shit if you don't want to snitch on him call me!!!! Say what you want but I ain't sitting by while some dude rapes teenage girls....I'll be a snitch. LOL. Now I am not going out of my way to tell on anyone for anything and I don't suggest anyone risking life or limb for it but some shit you just can't let slide. Maybe I should come up with my own shit. "Don't Snitch...unless necessary" LMMFAO! Let a dude do a hit and run on my grandmother and you see it and don't tell....Oh you gonna snitch!!! LOL.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Thinking out Loud: Sports Review


I'm not a fan of the sport but right now I can't help but notice...

ALEX RODRIGUEZ IS THE SHIT!!!! Dude has now hit 12 homeruns for the season in less than a month with 2 of them being walk off game winners and one of those being a grandslam. Even I know this is big...just hope this inspiration continues for the entire season or they will be doggin him again just like last year. LOL.

Oh and by the way, Barry Bonds is gonna to totally destroy that Hank Aaron record for most homeruns this season as he has already gotten off to a fast start with 4 or 5 and needs less than 20 to break it. I'm thinking sometime around mid June.

Am I the only person that just realized that the NHL playoffs are underway and are in fact almost over. That sport really sucks right now. LOL.

Pacman, Pacman, Pacman

WTF is wrong with this boy. Now after everything else this bama goes and puts an ad in the Tennessee newspaper asking for forgiveness. LMAO!!! Had he not been on television a week ago talking about how he had plans to fix things and that he expected to be back on the field after week 10 then this may have seemed genuine. Now he just looks like the dumb villian that tells his plan and then loses to the hero (Roger Goodell in this case) because he talks to much. LOL. Honestly, I hope he does learn something from this and I hope he follows thru with the return to school also.

How is it that DEI racing (a racing company that started by Dale Earnhardt Denior) is offering a deal to Dale Earnhardt Jr.....WTF??? Let me get this right, dad starts a business...son works in the business with dies and son carried on family name in the industry...son doesn't enherit business...??? Am I the only one that is lost by this. That's not how family business works. How does he not automatically own DEI racing? Vito didn't leave the Olive oil company to Tessio or Clemenza that shit went to Michael. You think Gerry Buss Jr is worried about Magic Johson trying to take the Lakers when his pops passes....NO!!! Shoot you think that Magic Johnson's son is worried about his future...that bama knows that when that HIV kicks in, in like 20-25 years (just for the record I have never and will never believe that Magic actually has HIV) he got the BLVD at the Capital Center as well as about 100 theatres and restaurants across this nation. That's the way business works. You "pass that shit down, pass it like a cold". LOL. At least Dale Jr got a deal that gives him majority ownership. At least he's smart enough to get his stuff in order. LOL.

Oden has officially entered the NBA draft which means now Oden and Durant are gonna be #1 and #2 in June. This is gonna be the deepest NBA Draft since the year Lebron, D Wade, Carmelo, and Chris Bosh came out in 2007.

Today is the start of the NBA playoffs and the seats are set for competition to start later on today...

In the East:
#1 Detroit Pistons vs #8 Orlando Magic
#2 Cleveland Cavaliers vs #7 Washington Wizards
#3 Toronto Raptors vs #6 New Jersey Nets
#4 Miami Heat vs #5 Chicago Bulls

The Favorite: Detroit and Miami are basically a toss up for the favorites for most and I think I like Detroit with D. Wade coming off of the shoulder injury.

The Sleeper: Generally the most popular picks for sleeper in the east have been Chicago or Cleveland. When you have one of the 3 or 4 best players in the league on your team it's easy to think that anything can happen but with the east being so weak this year I tend to believe that the group that plays best as a team will overcome any one player so I am going with Chicago as the sleeper.

My Darkhorse & Prediction: My personal favorite as the darkhorse in the east is Toronto. I think they have some very talented players but they are young and have no experience in the playoffs so everyone assumes the Nets will handle them easily. I think with a guy like Bosh (who is very similar to KG) and a PG like TJ Ford they have leaders who can take them just as far as Chicago or Cleveland can go so they are my team to watch in these playoffs. My prediction for the east is that we will see Chicago vs Detroit in the East Finals and it will be BORING. LOL

In the West:
#1 Dallas Mavericks vs #8 Golden State Warroirs
#2 Phoenix Suns vs #7 Los Angeles Lakers
#3 San Antonio Spurs vs #6 Denver Nuggets
#4 Utah Jazz vs #5 Houston Rockets

The Favorite: The argument all season has been Dallas or Phoenix...I am one that believes that defense wins championships and between these two the best defense is in Dallas. But if you think this is a three team race for the favorite you may be inclined to go with San Antonio and I personally think they have it.

The Sleeper: The west is deep this year...very deep. So there isn't really a consensus on who the bestbsleeper is just like there isn't a consensus on who the favorite is. Most would say this is also a three team race between Utah, Houston, and Denver. I am leaning towards Houston becasue they not only have a great 1,2 punch like Denver but they play as a team like Utah and they have the best defense of all three teams.

My Darkhorse & Prediction: NO I am not giving my personal pick of a darkhorse to my boys in LA. I can be unbias....really I can. LOL. I think the darkhorse sleeper in the west is somewhat of an oxymoron because if any of the top 5 won out it would make sense. Denver is the least likely of the sleepers (above) to win it all and since I like that squad I personally will be pulling for them to make some noise. I do want to tell everyone to watch out for Golden State in the first round cause they have had both Dallas' and Phoenix's number all season.
I am seeing San Antonio vs Houston in the Western Conference Finals.

Hoping to see a lot of upsets in the playoffs this year but when all the dust is settled I expect to see San Antonio and Detroit battle it out again with Tim Duncan getting his fourth ring.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Thinking Out Loud

Last week the Mens NCAA tournament was won by Florida for the second year straight making sure I had absolutely no shot at winning any money in any bracket...LOL. Congrats Florida. 2 things about the champs:
  1. I think the Juniors at Florida were very smart by chosing to lose and I am predicting that Al Horford will be the best NBA player of the bunch. Yes I know Brewer came out and he has that defense that everyone loves but that's my opinion.
  2. I may be the only person in the country that thinks that Billy Donovan did the right thing by staying in Florida. I felt like going to Kentucky was a bonehead move and I am glad he didn't do it. Look at the legacies of most of the great programs...what was Carolina before Dean Smith, Duke before Coach K, UCLA before Caoch Wooden, and Uconn before that coach who's name I can't spell (LOL)? The legacy of those school were made by young coaches who came in and stuck around for 20+ years and the coaches legacy is just as important as the school...if Billy Donovan wants that type of legacy he has to stay at a school he can build up and not be under anyones shadow. There aren't many coaches who can live up to a school legacy like a Bob Knight...just look at Tubby Smith. Why do you think he went to Minnesota to start over huh?


Ladies, when you tell a dude he is too good/nice for you what reaction do you expect to get? I really want to know because I have been hearing that crap my whole life and in highschool it was confusing but the older I get the more frustrating it gets ESPECIALLY when I have had homeboys that have been telling my things like "you're too damn nice to women" or my personal favorite "you need to be hard on a ho" (I'm sorry ladies I think that's a hilarious disrespect intended on my part, I told my sister the same thing about the dudes she dates. LMAO). When I hear a lady say I'm too nice I think "you have no self worth" and when they say I'm to good for them "I think they must have something underhanded in the works for me already". LOL. I mean it's almost comical because even if you think someone is to good for you...isn't the that person you want??? A guy who makes six figures doesn't get a winning lottery ticket and say "you know what I don't deserve this, let me give it to a poor man". NO, YOU TAKE THE WIN!!! What world do you live in were you don't want better for yourself...that's the american way! LMAO. I guess that's what they mean when they say nice guys finish last...I'm about to start slapping chicks or something. LMAO (just kidding)


Can people please let me know at what age you finally learned to hold your liquor? I mean everyone exceeds there limit from time to time and for a lot of us this happens in college. I have heard and made a few stories about putting people in tubs with the shower on and people throwing up but eventually it got to a point where people didn't do that anymore. When it comes to getting drunk adn throwing up...we are just too damn old for that shit!!! I ask because this past weekend I realized the hard way that when I go out to a club...everyone around me isn't on that same level as me and most of my friends. Here's the scene. I'm rolling to a club with my boy Mike to celebrate the birthday of a friend of his. I got on the blazer, I got on the button up, I got the button up open showing off my favorite T-shirt that is a picture of Miles Davis, I got on the fresh pair of $60 jeans (LOL), I got on my newest (not brand new) pair of Steve Madden casual joints and we are in the spot mingling and having a couple of drinks. Mike just bojangled his way in front of me to speak to a young lady that was giving me the eye so I'm stuck talking to her less attractive friend but it's cool (shout out to the boy Bone...LMAO).

So I ended the cordial conversation with the young lady and am enjoying the atmosphere when rushing thru the crowd comes two young ladies. One girl was pulling the other girl trying to get her to the bathroom but unfortunately for me she didn't quite make it. BUT she did make it to a point somewhere directly in front of my midsection...yep she unloaded everything right on me in the middle of the damn dancefloor. She got it on the blazer, got it on the button up, because I had the button up open she got it on my favorite T-shirt I was showing off that is a picture of Miles Davis, she got in on the $60 jeans that aren't so fresh anymore, she got in on the no longer new looking Steve Madden casual joints. LMAO! It's laughable now but Friday night I had fire in my eyes. When it first happened I was in complete shock and just stood there looking at myself as those around me (MIKE YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!) started laughing and I didn't come out of my shock until everyone(including me) started to notice just how bad it smelled. That's when I broke to the bathroom where I commenced to try and remove this nasty mess off of me as those coming in the bathroom made jokes and laughed about the smell. The attendant gave me a bottle of cologne for free it smelled so bad....LMAO!

So I put on some of the cologne (what the f*ck what I thinking right) and went back up stairs but by now it is really sinking in and I am PISSED!!! Now everything that is going on around me is just irritating me...I'm yelling at Mike, I'm yelling at the nice young lady that was speaking to me earlier and I am mean mugging everyone that bumps me so after about 10 minutes of that and making sure Mike had another way home I rolled out. Mike you still my dogg though, thanks for the invite!!! LOL.


Easter Sunday was a great day! I love any reason to get together with family, especially if I get to see someone I don't ever see regularly. Church was great and the family was great...great way to end a crazy weekend. Thank the Lord! LOL.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Loss of a Hero

Yesterday we loss one of the greatest football coaches to ever lead a team in college football. The former coach of Grambling State University in Louisiana had the second most wins EVER in college football (408), sent almost 200 players to the NFL including 4 hall of famers and 1 Superbowl MVP winner, and most importantly he graduated over 80% of his players from college professing that his players won't only be good at football when they leave...they will be good at what comes in life.

The Father Figure, The Teacher, The Leader, The Coach, THE MAN, and now The Legend...

Eddie Robinson