Thursday, February 28, 2008

"I guess I got my swagger back"

Nah I ain't talking about the way I walk, talk, or dress...I'm refering to how me and the homies used to entertain at that crib regularly when we were in undergrad at NC A&T SU. Yeah we used to try to be the life of the party or at least invite the life of the party over to the apartment but since I have had my own I haven't been in the habit of having a lot of company over (except for around my 28th Bday, that is). Well a big part of that is that I felt confined due to my lack in a TV upgrade since a lot of my gatherings would revolve around things like sporting events and movie nights where the TV is a big factor. Well thanks to Uncle Sam and the fine folks down at the Internal Revenue Service that issue should no longer be a problem come mid March. I plan to be the proud owner of 46 inches of Samsungs best 120Hz 1080p HD technology...

March Madness and NBA Playoffs at my crib!!! Get at me fellas!!!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Get Out and Vote!!!

Yes We Can:

I thought this was dope how Will.I.Am put it together and I am all about that message. Make sure you aren't one of the ones complaining about stuff and not helping to change it...go vote.