Thursday, January 08, 2009

Like The First Time All Over Again

So every year after New Years a group of folks at my job decides to have a weight loss challenge to motivate people with the weight loss resolutions that a lot of us usually make. I am not one for the weight loss resolution but I do take part in the challenge and even loss the most last year. I have only picked back up 5 of the 16/17 I lost last year so I have been doing good since the last weight loss challenge.
So this year I have decided to get my "Lee Haney" on while trying to lose weight and have incorporated more weight lifting into the regiment of running, basketball, and decreased plate portions. Luckily for me I am not new to lifting weights...unluckily for me I have a checkered past with my weight lifting routines. LOL. The thing about lifting weights is that it's one of those use or lose type of things so now that I am starting over I have to go thru one thing like I have never lifted before....MUSCLE RECOVERY. For non lifters, that's the time you take between workouts for your muscle to mend themselves back from the soreness you feel after working out. The more often you workout the less recovery time you need. And when it's the first time...OMG. At times it feels like you pulled a muscle if you put in some real work. Today I am in recovery from Tuesday...and if you didn't know it's not normally the day after that hurts the most it's two days later, especially when you are starting over.

Before today I never knew just how important my shoulders were to my upperbodies mobility. LOL. THIS SH*T HURTS!!! I mean just typing the last 306 words of this blog has felt like an excersice. I'm in here with my forearms sweating like I'm clutching a 60 dumbell right now...WHY THE HELL AM I SO HOT!!! I swear it feels like my muscles are burning. And I thought I was going back today. HA!

I must have been having flashbacks of 05 when I was really in the gym. Man I hope I have the will power to get back to those days.

For now I guess I'll just settle with sharing my pain. LOL. Wish me luck people.


Blogger j.a.c. said...

lol. hurts to type huh? that's a new one. good luck homie.

6:28 PM  
Blogger T.C. said...

well good luck to you on this one...i am sure you will do well

3:03 PM  

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