Thursday, May 07, 2009

Display of Power

Today while standing in line at KFC for over a half an hour I realized just how powerful Oprah Winfrey's pull is in this country. For the last two days this woman has had KFC looking like they were passing out reperations. I havent seen that many black people go to one place since the last Prince tour went on sale at Ticketmaster.
All I could think the whole time I was in line was "what if this sh*t was a plot to infect the black community with the Swine Flu?" LOL! And that thought led to "Oprah has got to be one of the top 5 most powerful people in this country. She could possibly bankrupt a corporation and kill off an entire race with a website link. DAMN!!!" LOL.
I know black people supposedly like chicken more than anyone else but most of us dont even mess with KFC in comparison to other brands. But hell if we arent standing in line for an hour plus for two pieces of shriveled up grilled chicken. I aint even get to pick the sides I got...yeah I was pissed even with it being free. My time is valuable. LOL.


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