Monday, April 28, 2008

The Ultimate Birth Control

I found out yesterday what a lot of folks have realized for a long time...taking care of other people's kids will change your entire outlook on children after just one try. I got the grand pleasure of babysitting my two Godson's at the last minute Sunday. I swear the older I get the more I think God has to have the greatest sense of humor EVA!!! How else do you explain all the sanctity of marriage and sinfullness associated with having sex for fun (instead of having kids) and then once you follow his plan and get married and procreate them lil bastards drive you OUT OF YOUR MIND. LOL.

Okay so yesterday at about 12:30 my bestfriend shows up with my 3 year old Godson "the carpenter" and my soon to be 2 year old(in June) Godson "the (cannabalistic) gymnist" and they are both sleep when they arrive (more proof that God answers prayers....LOL) But "the carpenter" wakes up about 5 minutes later and starts to look at cartoons and is asking for a blanket. Nothing big so far. About an hour later his brother wakes up but doesn't move, just stares at the TV...still good business. Fast forward and hour and all of that has gone out of the window...I can't say exactly when but sometime between "the gymnist" running at full speed, arms extended, into my new TV almost knocking it over AND "the carpenter" throwing my TV remote into the sink with the water and dirty dishes I realized that the fact that my mother has never beat me means that she is even stronger of a woman then I had already given her credit for. It also meant that I will never be as strong as her when I have kids...LOL!!! "The gymnist" spent most of his day running around my couch and attempting to do what looked like handstands that turned into backflips ie the name "the gymnist" and biting the hell out of everyone. "The carpenter" spent his day trying to climb on everything and putting holes in my drywall whenever he saw the opportunity (he got me twice).

The highlights of the day:
1) Changing a diaper...oh joy :(
2) My girl leaving to go to the gym and finally leaving me alone with the boys. And they went crazy. I don't scare easily but them lil dudes been here before...I swear to God!!!
3) Confronting "the carpenter" when I catch him digging a small piece of drywall out of my stairway. Conversation went like this... I ask "why did you do it?" he says "my brother did it" (who I was holding when I caught him...LOL). I say "If you lie to me again something bad will happen...why did you do it?" 5 mins later after long contemplation on what "something bad" was, he answers "I want to destroy your house". Yeah I was in shock too and paused then said "why do you want to destroy my house, I have to live here?" and he says "cause I don't like it." Again in shock I pause and he then interjects before I can speak again and says "I don't like it so I want to build you another one."

I will spend the next 18 years making sure that boy becomes a carpenter and lives up to his words. LOL! You gotta love kids!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Losing like Tyson in a court room

Nah I'm not literally losing in the same sense as Mike. About a year and a half ago I wrote a blog about getting into shape...well even though it's been a very long time coming I have finally been doing something about it. Unfortunately I am one of those people who will committ to doing something but won't do it until the time is convenient (that's as far as tasks I set for my self). So although I was talking about getting in shape back in August 06 I am just making serious moves on that now. Back in January the folks at my job decided to have a 12 week weight loss challenge that started the week that I went on my cruise. Naturally the tons of food on the boat was not a good look for the weight loss and my weigh-in weight just before I left for the cruise wasn't the best looking thing either...Largest I have ever been in fact.
Since then I have been doing small things here and there and trying to be more active (especially for this weight loss challenge at work) and after the challenge was over in the office I turned to be tied for the most total pounds lost (17lbs.) and had the highest percent of body weight lost of anyone so in my office I am officially THE BIGGEST LOSER. LOL.

Actually we started another 12 as soon as the first one ended because NONE OF US got to our goal weight but it still feels good to lose the weight. And although I didn't see a change I have had at least 3 people tell me they can see it so that's cool too. My goal weight is about another 15 lbs. away back to what I was the summer after I graduated undergrad when I was playing basketball 3+ times a week and didn't have to worry about catching cramps or gasing out on the court. That's my real goal right shape. So I can go out on the court with my boy MikeSee and get some work in...LOL.