Wednesday, March 05, 2008

"I'm passed my past, I'm presently thinkin bout the future"

So back when I was in college all those years ago (LOL) I graduated and made the decision, based on the job climate and my goals, to go directly graduate school and get my Master's degree. In my time in aggieland I earned my undergraduate degree in Computer Science and my Master's in MIS after doing 6.5 long years of college. But the funny thing is when I graduated I knew that one day I would be back. Nah, I wasn't trying to be a career student...I was done for the time being but I had a plan that eventually led me back to school at least one more time (maybe twice). The first part of that part of that plan however was to take the next 5 years and go start a career and establish myself independently in this world. Well, I graduated from grad school in December of '03 which makes this upcoming Decemeber that 5 year mark and for the last week I have not been able to get the idea out of my head about going back to school.

My second step after 5 years was to start making moves to get back to school after deciding what I wanted to go back for...either the Doctorate or an MBA. If I choose MBA then I was pretty sure I would go back once again after this (why I said at least one more trip back to school). I don't want to go back right least not today but I have a funny feeling that this time next year I may be ready to make that move. So I plan to spend the next year researching what degree to get, what school to attend, what my job can do about helping me pay for it, deciding when I will start (cause I can guarantee it won't be January of 09), and most importantly...IS IT WORTH IT FOR ME. I mean I want to be Dr. Hawkins one day but that's only because one day I want to be a college professor and I won't be doing that for a LONG while. LOL. So I can hold off if I choose to. What do you all think?

All this talk about school has me thinking about one of my favorite movie characters...Laurence Fishburne in Higher Learning as Professor Phipps...

I love his character in this movie. I personally think it's one of his best acting jobs...but why is he always offering bamas peppermints thru the whole movie. LOL!!!